May 2, 2015

5:30-9:00 pm




Paula Beroza, President

Gerard Westmiller, Vice President
Lois Ehrenfeld de Buren, Secretary
M. Sue Lansel, Treasurer
Fred Foote, Past President
Claudia Campbell
Molly Starr
Paul Smith
Allan Ridley
John Fields



Jan Alotte

Kate Archer

JessR. Booth
Mike Bradley

Py Driscoll, MD

Anita Goldman
Gail Grynbaum, RN, PhD

Devra McArdle

Mary Doan

Gael Murphy, MFT

Stepping Stone is a residence for working women in their early stages of recovery from alcohol abuse.

Founded in 1962, its primary purpose is to assist and support working women as they move toward sobriety and productive living. Stepping Stone fosters an environment in which women learn to live successfully in community with others. Because alcoholic women often suffer from isolation, the importance of group support with its elements and friendship, is well understood by the staff.


Residents are partially supported by the Foundation, which pays 66% of the cost of board and room through fund raising events, interest from a small endowment, and grants.


"Each has been given a bag of tools, a lump of clay and a set of rules; and each must fashion, ere life be flown, a stumbling block -- or a Stepping Stone"... R. Lee Sharpe


Though not affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous, Stepping Stone's philosophy is based on the principles and twelve steps of AA. Stepping Stone Women's Recovery Home San Francisco